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Fort wheelbarrow roundnose

This wheelbarrow has:

  • Capacity: 80 L
  • Rounded leading edge
  • Zinc-plated body
  • Painted frame made from round tube
  • Pneumatic tyres with plastic rim and roller bearing
  • NML tyres: free of air leaks


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Rosta disc hiller (motor cultivator)

This disc hiller can be used for earthing up potato plantations both just after and during the vegetation period. It has an universal attach for mounting to motor cultivators.

Disc diameter: 435 mm / 17″
Working depth: up to 100 mm / up to 4″
Width between discs: up to 500 mm / up to 19.7″

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Rosta manual cultivator KR-1

This manual cultivator is an all-purpose agricultural tool for tillage. The frame is equipped with special units, each capable of individual as well as combined weeding, tilling and optional seeders. Which makes this a weeder, tiller, and planting machine, all-in-1.

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Rosta manual seeder SOR-1/2 VAS52

This manual seeder enables precise seeding of small seeds. It’s equipped with a groove and marker adjustable for seeding depth and it’ll be successful in gardening thanks to its versatility. This seeder is perfect for sowing the following seeds: parsley, carrots, radishes, onions and lettuce.

This seeder is for sale with a VAS52 sowing device that comes with a diameter of 3mm or 5mm. You can also buy an additional seeding device VAS52 that you can exchange yourself.

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