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Airpress Professional tool trolley


7-drawer cabinet with 217 pcs handtools

Pre-formed, oil-resistant toolbeds
Central locking
Drawers with individual blockade

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Calf hutch – Duo

A good environment for the calf makes for a good and healthy start.

Dimensions inside: 90 x 133 cm / 35 x 52 inch

Highly galvanized U-frame with easy entry
4 swivel castors, 2 with brakes
Adjustable bars front gate

Divisible front gate
Double bucket ring
Drinking bowls
Teat bucket

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Di-O-Clean is a drinking water treatment, consists of two components which will generate a chlorine dioxide solution.

Advantages of Di-O-Clean:
Disinfects water lines and drinking water. Eliminates all kinds of germs, bacteria, fungi and virusses. Removes biofilm in water pipes and prevents formation. Removes iron and manganese deposits. Not corrosive to the drinking water system. Is pH-independent (effective at pH 2-10). Does not affect the smell and taste of the water.

For best results this solution should be applied continuously to the drinking water lines by means of a special dosing pump.

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Dunlop safety boots

High Quality boots!

Profiled sole with good non-slip
Fitted with steel toe cap
Resistant to oil, grease, alkali and acid
Isolating (up to -20°C)

Available in the sizes 37 to 48

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Dunlop Thermoplus boots

High Quality boots!

Profiled sole with good non-slip
Fitted with steel toe cap and sole
Resistant to oil, grease, alkali and acid
Strongly isolating (up to -50°C)

Available in the sizes 38 to 48.

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MS Dermades Plus

MS Dermades is a hygiene and care product for the claws of biungulate.

Penetrates deep into hooves and pores
Effective rinsing and caring effect
Prevents hoof infections and promotes the healing process
Stable product, which ensures maximum efficiency with a low dosage
Can be applied with a simple sprayer, into a foot bath or disinfection mat

Comes in 25 kg bags

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MS DryCare Plus

MS DryCare Plus is an instant drying powder for the rapid absorption of moisture, a clean living environment, pleasant scent, and decreased germ density.

Highly absorbent (200%)
Decreased infection
Pleasant scent
Clean living environment
Improved animal health

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MS Megades Novo

20 kg jugs
Powerful universal disinfecting agent
Broad range of applications: against bacteria, yeasts, and viruses

Non-corrosive and equipment does not become discoloured
Superior dampening and in-depth penetration
Especially effective in the presence of organic material

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MS Schippers coveralls

Different models available:

  • MS coveralls with press-studs is available in blue (sizes 16-30) and pink (sizes 16-34),
  • MS coveralls with zipper is available in blue  (sizes 16-36)
  • MS milkers coveralls with press-studs and zipper, multicoloured: dark blue, blue and green (sizes 14-34)


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MS T&T Cleaner

22 kg jugs
Versatile, powerful and safe cleaning agent
Soaking time: 1-5 minutes (longer in case of extreme pollution).

Safe for lacquer surfaces and suitable for cleaning vehicles, equipment, floors and walls
Suitable for spray and high pressure machines
Perfect stripe less cleaning
Biologically degradable

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MSE Mortar coating kit

Unique mortar coating: consisting of 2 components expoxy resin mixed with a third component: quartz sand. The quartz sand is especially selected for non-slip applications in livestock farming  By the application of the special expoxy resin the floor will be made of high and durable quality, easy to clean, resistant to pressure and a large amount of chemicals.

Consumption: ± 12 to15 kg per m²
Drying time: 24 hours depends on the temperature of the environment
Mixture ratio: component A, -B and –C are packed in the correct proportion to prepare 28 kg MSE Mortar Forte
Working temperature: between 15 °C and 25 °C
Minimum thickness of the layer: minimal 5 mm, average 7-8 mm

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