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Potato & Vegetable Machinery

Bomet Gemini S239/1 Potato planter

2-row potato planter, connected by a three-point hitch.
Variable seed distance within row: 29, 32 or 35 cm / 11.4, 12.6 or 13.8 inch.
Planting depth: 10-15 cm / 4-6 inch
Power: 20 HP

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Bomet Norma P475 3 row Ridger – Cultivator

Multifunctional cultivator for ridging of rows with plants.
Number of working sections: 3
Distance between rows: 625-750 mm / 24.5″-29.5″
Power demand: 30 HP

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Bomet Upus Z656/2 Conveyor digger

The Upus conveyor digger has a three-point hitch and is driven by the tractor’s PTO. The machine can be used at fields with inter-row widths of 70-75 cm / 27.5″-29.5″ and on light or medium properly moisturized soils.
Productivity: 0.5 ha / 1.2 ac per hour
Power demand: 55 HP

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Bomet Ursa Z655/1 Vibrating potato digger

Vibrating potato digger with rear discharge. This machine can be mounted on small tractors by a three-point hitch. Digging depth and sifting intensity are adjustable.
Share width: 450 mm / 17.5″
Max working depth: 200 mm / 8.o”
Power demand: 10 HP

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Checchi & Magli SP100 “Trattore”

1-row potato lifter
For digging potatoes/other tubers
2 alternately-oscillationg sieves
Indicative production: 1.2-1.5 Ha/day

Price: $7195

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Checchi & Magli SP50V Digger

1-row rear discharge potato (tuber) digger

Equipped with a vibrating ploughshare this machine is particularly suitable for sandy soils and for digging out new potatoes. A vibrating sieve separates tubers from soil and discharges them on the back.

Price: $5380

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Checchi & Magli Transplanter Unitrium/2

2-row semi-automatic transplanter for tapered and pyramid-shaped clod plants
Suitable for plants with very developed leaves
10-cups rotating distributor

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Downs DS 2400 Premium Websizer

Call Frank for more information and pricing:
+1 (403) 892-5550

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Erme Garlic Harvester Binder 1-row

The harvester binder one row is ideal for small farms and adapts to most planting schemes.

Carried machine, 3-point hitch
Min. row-to-row distance: 14″

The harvest system is composed of:
– 2 front leaf lifters
– Garlic lifting shoe, manual depth adjustment
– 2 harvesting belts, manual height adjustment
– Vibration system to eliminate excess soil, adjustable speed (more…)

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ERME Garlic splitter line E150 single phase

Feeding belt / 330 lbs hopper
Splitting unit / belt with adjustable top moving plate & 6 rubber finishing stars
Manual finishing belt (2-4 people)
Clove grading drum  (more…)

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ERME Garlic Splitter Line E600

Complete with sizer box filling model (no feeding belt)
Splitting unit / 2 belts, top one adjustable to adapt to different grades &  7 rows of finishing brushes
Manual finishing belt (4-8 people)
Overhead unit to remove (suction) small remaining waste  (more…)

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ERME Mechanical Garlic & Onion Planters

Please contact us to find out about options & pricing!

Easy & efficient planting systems. Very reliable, easy to use and lightweight. Ideal for small areas and lightweight tractors.

Available in 1 to 15 single rows (more…)

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Garmach AGP-4R 4 row chain garlic planter

Number of rows: 4
Working width: 980 mm / 38.5″
Required tractor power: 37.5 HP
Planting depth (adjustable): every 20 mm to max 160 mm / every 0.75″ to max 6.0″
Row distance (adjustable): 200 mm to max 320 mm / 8.0″ to max 12.5″
Seed spacing: 90 mm – 200 mm / 3.5″ to 8.0″
Productivity: 0.2 ha / 0.5 acre per hour
Suitable for: spring onions, garlic, broad bean, saffron

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Garmach GW-1.5 Garlic weeder

Working width: 1500 mm / 59.0″
Required tractor power: 37.5 HP
Number of fingers: 48

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Garmach MGP-4R 4 row belt garlic planter

Number of rows: 4
Required tractor power: 37.5 HP
Working width: 980 mm / 38.5″
Planting depth (adjustable): every 20 mm up to max. 160 mm / every 0.75″ up to max. 6.0″
Row distance (adjustable): 200 mm up to max. 320 mm / 8.0″ up to max. 12.5″
Seed spacing: 70 mm up to 200 mm / 2.75″ up to 8.0″
Productivity: 0.7 ha / 1.7 ac per day
Suitable for: spring onions, garlic, broad bean, saffron
Number of seats: 2, 3 or 4

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Grimme multisep

USED Grimme multisep
3m / 10′ wide, can be narrowed
Part of a Grimme Varitron 470, which was modified to axial rollers
Is hydraulic drive, can be modified to electrical


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KMK TS 2508 Roller Table

480 Volt 3 phase with light and frequency drive control on chain

Price: $5,950 CAD


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MaterMacc Seeder MSO

2017 vegetable planter

Standard equipment:
PTO 540 min-1
Vacuum meter and liquid pressure gauge
Seed suction fan and pneumatic seed agitator
Easy-Set toolbar for quick modification of the row spacing

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NEW: Mafex

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New: Stop Shock

Call frank for pricing and availability.


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Pouchain multisep

USED Pouchain multisep
2.7m / 9′ wide, can be narrowed
Part of a harvester which was modified to flower bulb harvester
Is hydraulic drive, can be modified to electrical
Frame with belts cost 2000 CAD extra


(pictures before cleaning)

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Rosta KR-1 Cultivator

The design of this product is completely adapted to the physiological features of the workers and those of the plants. The cultivator can function both in the direct and reverse motion mode. It can clean itself during work.

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Rosta SP-1,4 digger blade

Designed for digging up root-crops as well as onion and garlic.

Length: 850 mm / 33.5″
Width: 1830 mm /  72.0″
Hight: 1300 mm / 51.0″
Digging depth: up to 32 cm / 12.5″

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USED: Brushing machine.

2003 Tibo-Blokker brushing machine
For potatoes, onions, carrots and other veggies and fruit.

10 brushes
Width: 140 cm/4.6 ft
Lenght: 224 cm/7.4 ft
Height: 139.5 cm/4.6 ft

Price: $4750 

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Doubling sliding frame 2.75 m wide

Working height 300mm

Frame ST52 12mm and 10mm

Hardox 500 knives

Hydraulic gradient control at a slope of up to 10 degrees

Hydraulic folding side disc

Wear Resistant


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