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Di-O-Clean, 25L


Di-O-Clean is developed for drinking water treatment and cleaning and disinfection of drinking water systems in the professional livestock industry.

Di-O-Clean consists of two components which will generate, after blending, a 99,9% pure chlorine dioxide solution, without any chlorine or other harmful by-products.

Advantages of Di-O-Clean:

  • Disinfects water lines and drinking water. It eliminates all kinds of germs, bacteria, fungi and virusses
  • Removes the biofilm in the water pipe and prevents the formation of biofilm by dosing continuously
  • Removes iron and manganese deposits in the water pipe
  • Is not corrosive to the drinking water system after dosing
  • Is pH-independent (effective at pH 2-10)
  • Suitable for use in the treatment of sulphurous water
    260% more effective than a disinfectant on the basis of chlorine (sodium hypochlorite, bleach water, active chlorine, etc.)
  • Reacts directly with the cell wall of micro-organisms (bacteria, salmonella, yeasts, fungi and viruses), so that no resistance is built up
  • Does not form toxic by-products such as THM, HAA, Mutagen X and chlorinated phenols, such as in the use of chlorine
  • Does not affect the smell and taste of the water, in contrast to chlorine
  • Is very easy to use
  • Makes water a safe and valuable nutrient
1 – 5 pieces$ 154.95
6 – 11 pieces$ 149.00 -4%
12 – 23 pieces$ 144.00 -7%
24 – 47 pieces$ 138.95 -10%
48 + pieces$ 133.50 -14%